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Our journey and accomplishments so far

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It’s going to be a year since CodeX was founded and what a killer year was this for us. We, here at CodeX run on the principle of ‘Education for Everyone’ and we are able to achieve it only with the help of our wonderful and dedicated writers and our…


Follow the steps to submit your article to CodeX

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What is CodeX?

CodeX is a medium publication that aims at providing top-notch content based on technology & coding.

We expect articles in the categories of computer science, innovative technology, programming, coding & engineering concepts, personal experience in tech or coding, tech in major fields (like Healthcare, education, and so on).

Points to remember

  • Make sure…

A hands-on tutorial on using EOD Historical Data’s API for financial news

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Table of Contents:
- Extracting Financial News with Python
-- Importing Packages
-- Basic Program for Extracting Financial News
-- Advanced Program for Extracting Financial News
- Closing Notes

It is essential for an investor to keep himself updated about the markets in order to secure maximum advantage…

Learn to build your custom stock screener with less than 10 lines of code

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Stock screeners are a great way to sort and filter thousands of stocks at a time according to your needs but some people might feel difficult to code it from scratch. That’s when EOD Historical Data comes to the rescue. Most of us are familiar with stock APIs for historical…

A simple yet efficient way to extract different types of market data with stock APIs

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Let’s face it, finding accurate and reliable stock data at an affordable cost is hard (merely impossible). The only way to access such data is to buy them directly from the exchanges for a hefty amount of money. But recently, I discovered a financial data API provider that offers all…

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