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What is CodeX?

CodeX is a medium publication that aims at providing top-notch content based on technology & coding.

We expect articles in the categories of computer science, innovative technology, programming, coding & engineering concepts, personal experience in tech or coding, tech in major fields (like Healthcare, education, and so on).

Points to remember

  • Make sure that your article is a grammatical-error-free article (highly recommended to use Grammarly or its chrome extension).
  • Ensure that you have the rights to use the images that are posted on your article (Image source must be cited below the image). It is an essential step to avoid copyright issues.
  • There…

Let’s find out the answer with Python

The use of technical indicators has never plunged over time but making a profit using those is uncertain due to one of its main drawbacks which is revealing false trading signals. This is much worse than you think because you might tend to enter the market at the wrong time by following these signals and face heavy losses. But this doesn't mean technical indicators are obsolete. We just have to change some ways on how we use it. …

A detailed guide to boosting the strategy performance by consolidating three powerful indicators

Each of the indicators Bollinger Bands, Keltner Channel, and Relative Strength Index are unique in nature and powerful when used individually. But what if we try to combine all these three indicators and create one effective trading strategy out of them? The results would be substantial and we could be able to eradicate one of the most common problems associated with using technical indicators which is false signals.

That’s exactly what we aim to do today. In this article, we will first build some basic intuitions on the indicators, then, we will use python to build them from scratch, construct…

Keep yourself updated with the latest technologies in Stock Market and become a pro using Quantra


In recent years, the usage of python for diverse reasons has gone a long way ahead and still moving forward with a healthy trend. Let it be healthcare or automotive sectors, python is everywhere, and not to mention, the stock market is no exception. Tons and tons of innovative ideas and applications are enhanced using python to help traders or investors take advantage of the market.

While discussing the conjugation of programming and the stock market, we definitely have to speak about Quantitative Finance. It is an emerging field in the Finance domain that combines programming and finance to make…

A detailed guide to boosting the strategy performance by using two powerful technical indicators

Technical indicators are great and effective but all of them never fail to have one specific drawback which is revealing false trading signals and trading stocks accordingly might lead to catastrophic results. To tackle this problem, it is best to introduce two different technical indicators whose characteristics vary from one and another to the trading strategy, and by doing so, we could filter the false trading signals from the authentic ones.

In this article, we will try building a trading strategy with two technical indicators which are Bollinger Bands, and Stochastic Oscillator in Python. We will also backtest the strategy…

Master the most flexible python library to create great-looking financial visualizations


The surge of programming and technology being applied into the field of finance is inevitable, and the growth never seems to be declining. One of the most interesting parts where programming is being applied is the interpretation and visualization of historical or real-time stock data.

Now, to visualize general data in python, modules like matplotlib, seaborn, and so on comes into play but, when it comes to visualizing financial data, Plotly would be the go-to since it provides built-in functions with interactive visuals. …

And why it’s nearly impossible to do so


It’s been decades since AI has been introduced to the real world and not to mention, it has evolved a lot. AI is now playing a crucial role in almost every field and continues to do in the future too. It has helped scientists or biologists to make breakthroughs in the field of drugs and medicines, environmentalists to maintain and research sustainable environments to mention a few. Most recently, the inventions of GPT-3 and Wudao-2.0, stole the spotlight and grabbed the attention of millions around the world. …

A must-know process to all people investing in the equity market


Investment in tradeable assets is not only done by institutional or professional traders but also by common people who aim to earn side income on a long-term basis. The first group of traders who are professionals and institutional traders love to make a hefty amount of money out of the market and hence take huge risks (like do or die situations). The second group who are common people is contrary in nature to the first one. Their aim is not to make fortunes in no time but a steady assured income that grows gradually over time. …

An easy-to-follow guide on implementing the CCA approach in Python to evaluate a stock

All stocks listed on the equity market are not traded on their intrinsic value but instead either greater or lesser to it. But, with some basic knowledge of financial concepts and fundamentals analysis, we could easily calculate the underlying or the actual price of a company’s stock and make our investments accordingly. There are a lot of approaches to make this job done but in this article, we are going with a simple yet efficient one which is the Comparable Company Analysis, shortly known as CCA. We will first explore what the CCA approach is all about, and then, we…

Learn to implement a less-known indicator with great potential and make your trades look better

People who are in the field of stock trading will most certainly know about the Stochastic Oscillator given its popularity, and today, we are going to explore an indicator that is not only similar but also performs like the Stochastic Oscillator too. It’s none other than the Relative Vigor Index, shortly known as RVI. In this article, we will first build some basic intuitions about the indicator and the mathematics behind it. Then, we will proceed to the programming where we will use Python to build the indicator from scratch, backtest a trading strategy based on it, compare the strategy…

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